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Safari Strives 


Uniting Africa for global leadership in technology, agriculture, and sustainability, driven by strong leaders fostering peace and development.


Uplift communities in Burundi and Rwanda by focusing on education as the catalyst for a sustainable and prosperous future. Our mission addresses the challenge where only 20% of children complete secondary education, hindering economic growth, leadership development, and sustainable agriculture.

Our program area

Healthcare Care

Ensuring health access and providing comprehensive medical services to address persistent community health challenges.

Food security

Transforming small donations, and supporting the Batwa community’s food security with nutritious meals for children.


 Eradicating poverty, delivering accessible, high-quality education from nursery through college in East Africa.

Sustainable farming

Farm initiatives enhance economic empowerment and offer sustainable income opportunities for the Batwa community.

Our values


Integrity stands as the bedrock of our organization. Our unwavering commitment is to transparency, honesty, and accountability in all endeavors. We believe in building trust within our communities, ensuring every initiative reflects our genuine dedication to their well-being. Through the lens of integrity, we uphold the highest ethical standards, fostering credibility and reliability in all our interactions.


We leverage cutting-edge approaches in education, technology, and sustainable agriculture, aiming to be at the forefront of transformative local solutions. Our commitment to innovation is dynamic, adapting and evolving to meet the evolving needs of our communities. It inspires creative solutions that address unique challenges, ensuring our initiatives are forward-thinking and impactful.


Excellence is our non-negotiable standard. From meticulous financial stewardship to the holistic development of individuals through education, we strive for unparalleled quality in every aspect of our work. Excellence drives our commitment to fostering academic achievement, leadership development, and sustainable agricultural practices.


Encapsulates our collective strength. Recognizing that collaboration, shared purpose, and inclusive growth are vital, we embrace unity as a core value. Our commitment to unity ensures that we foster a sense of belonging and collaboration, understanding that we can only uplift communities and propel Africa to global leadership in technology, agriculture, and sustainability.


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